The Importance of Monitoring Systems In The Industry

Since 1950, with the increasing development of the industry, the need for advanced controllers has arisen. Disadvantages of control systems at the time, such as noise, the large number of control panels, and debugging, led to introducing “logic controllers” into the industry in the 1960s.

These systems solved the problem of noise reduction and a large number of control panels, but still did not solve the problem of debugging and fixing it; In addition, the issue of inspecting the current state of these systems and reprogramming them was evident; Until “monitoring systems” were invented in 1975 and used alongside control systems; So that today “monitoring” is an integral part of the design of control systems.

Today, large industries such as oilandgas, petrochemicals, energy production, chemicals, automobiles, food, etc., can not continue to work without moment-to-moment monitoring of the process.

Monitoring benefits:
🔶Graphical overview of the process and process under control
🔶View the status of the process moment by moment
🔶Display important process parameters
🔶Show the error online and its location
🔶Periodic recording of situations
🔶Change and modify the work point

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