Supply of Electronic Components

Noyan Arvin Company operates with a direct and unmediated communication model from distributors and companies producing electronic components, some parts of these services are:

  • Providing expert advice in the field of importing electronic components
  • Access to reputable manufacturers and the first category of electronic components
  • Supply printed circuit board from the highest quality manufacturers
  • Import of original parts with ID and hologram
  • Monitoring the accuracy and authenticity of purchased electronic components
  • Contact the factory after purchasing electronic components
  • Timely delivery of orders to customers
  • Tracking the performance of parts and the level of satisfaction of companies
  • Minimum shipping and clearance costs in order to minimize costs
  • Supply of old and rare parts or offer replacement with similar existing parts

Target market:

  • Supply of component for oil and gas industries
  • Supply of component for medical engineering industries
  • Supply of component for instrumentation

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