Supply of Electronic Components

Supply of electronic components as row materials and prerequisites production of electronic products is always one of the most important concerns of the manufacturing industry in the field of electricity and electronics. The Commercial Department of Noyan Arvin Company with years of experience and expertise in the field of parts supply and as the business partner of the most reputable distributors of these parts around the world is ready to serve you dear customers.

Supply of Control Equipment and Instrumentation

Measurement and control equipment including field equipment, controllers and interface are one of the most popular requirements in power industry projects. Commercial Department of Noyan Arvin Company, is ready to provide services to manufacturing industries, contractors and respected organizations by gaining extensive experience in the field of international relations with manufacturers and distributors of this equipment.

Monitoring of Gas Stations

Rokhsar, the comprehensive Monitoring Software, is a product of Noyan Arvin that desined by this company's software team for monitor, configure and calibrate of measuring equipment located in gas stations. A powerful tool for integrating access to entire gas stations.

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Noyan Arvin Company, was established in 2018 with the aim of supplying electronic components, control equipment and precision instruments. The company’s activities have been in the automation, petrochemical, oil and gas industries and has been trying to improve its performance and satisfy customers by using electronic, telecommunications, information technology and computer knowledge.

Along these goals, Noyan Arvin Company, with the latest technology in the world and the development and localization of knowledge and technology in this field, has relied on young and creative human resources to produce products and provide services to customers.